Prestools Suppliers Plugin

Edit your Prestashop or Thirty Bees product suppliers quickly with this mass edit software

This is a plugin for Prestools Suite, the free tool suite for mass editing and more for Prestashop.

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This is a plugin for Prestools Suite, the free mass editing script for Prestashop 1.5 and higher and Thirty Bees.

You can try out mass supplier editing in the free version - where only saving has been disabled. After installing this product you will be able to save your changes to suppliers in Prestools Suite.

Suppliers are a rather complicated issue as you can declare a supplier reference and price for each supplier. And if the product has attributes each attribute combination will have its own reference and price. When you select suppliers among the displayed fields in Prestools you will see something like the following:

You see here a supplier name ("Fratini"), a reference ("ABC12345") and a price. If you make this field editable in the Hide-Show-Edit are you will get the following result:

At the top you see two select boxes: on the right those selected, on the left those not selected. Just like with the categories in Prestashop you can select a supplier and then move it to the other side by pressing an arrow. The only difference is that with categories you see four rows simultaneously and here only one.

Below that you see the data fields (reference and price) for that supplier. If you add a supplier in the top row it will immediately get its own row here. And if you remove it it will be removed here. 

With combinations each combination has its own suppler values. At the end the content of the combination is mentioned. This look so:

In this case we have the attribute "snoepsoorten" that can have three different values. For each combination thee are two suppliers that have a reference and a price.

If we put this in edit mode we get the following:

As you see there is only one selector to assign or unassign suppliers to the product. And if you assign an extra supplier an extra line is added for each combination.

Mass update is simple. You can add or remove a supplier for all the listed products:

Just as with the rest of product-edit your changes will only be implemented when you press Submit All or use a line submit.