Upgrade and Rescue Service

Prestools Prestashop Upgrade and Rescue Service

Prestashop is a great software framework for webshop. However, occasionally installations become unstable or break down. Its experience working directly with the Prestashop database gives Prestools an unique expertise to solve even those problems that others can't solve.

No cure no pay - Fixed price - Bare bones

The service is delivered in a fixed formula:

 - You pay up front an amount of 325 euro

 - You provide full access to your shop: FTP, Mysql, backoffice, everything.

 - You agree upfront what needs to be done. Unless it is explicitly agreed otherwise this concerns delivering a functioning shop with the standard default theme where you can add products and buy products with bankwire. Problems with themes and modules are not covered.

 - Prestools downloads your shop to its own computers and does there all its research and experiments. Changes to your shop are only applied when there is a working solution.

 - If Prestools concludes that it can't be done you get your money back. In cases of doubt - for example when Prestools is only able to recover the products but not the transactions - you will be asked for agreement.

 - Prestools may provide some afterservice but this is up to the discretion of Prestools.

 - In the case of a shop upgrade you can choose for a two-step service. In the first step Prestools provides you with a bare bones upgrade. It is then up to you to install a theme and modules and do other customizations. When you are finished Prestools transfers the most recent data from the old database to the new - after which you can put the new shop online. This costs 175 euro.