Smart solutions for Prestashop and Thirty Bees

Prestashop is a great software framework for your webshop. However, occasionally installations become unstable or break down. Also updates sometimes give problems.

Based on an intimate knowledge of the Prestashop database Prestools offers you solutions to get more from your Prestashop installation.

Prestools has considerable expertise in upgrading Prestashop webshops and fixing broken shops. Part of this expertise is shared in the form of the Copy_shopdata script and the Integrity Checks in the Prestools Suite. Feel free to ask a quote to upgrade your shop.

Prestools Suite

Prestools Suite is a steadily expanding set of powerful tools to make the maintenance of your shop easier. Its editing functions include mass editing of products, combinations and categories, sorting of products and editing of orders. Search and reporting functions give you better insights in your orders. Cleaning functions and integrity checks help you to keep your shop fresh.

The basis of Prestools is free and can be downloaded below. For a number of advanced functions you can buy plugins.

Support can be found on Prestashop forum and the Thirty Bees forum. Prestools works with Prestashop 1.5 - 8.0 and with all versions of Thirty Bees.

Installation: Unzip the downloaded file and copy the resulting files to a subdirectory below your admin directory (do not install as a PS module!).You can access the program in the browser like "". You will be welcomed by a login screen: the default username is "" and the default password is "opensecret". Please adapt your security settings in the "settings1.php" file. There is a mini-module included for integration into the Prestashop backoffice.

There is also a Demo installation.


Prestools for Prestashop 1.4

Copy Shopdata

Copy Shopdata is a script for repairing unstable webshops and for updating webshops where the regular methods fail. It can be found at the bottom of this page. For instructions and support there is an entry on the Prestashop forum. Copy Shopdata enables you to copy the business data from one webshop to another while leaving the configuration data behind. Even severely unstable shops can be saved and upgraded with this tool. This tool requires some technical background. If you don't have that you can hire our expertise.



UpgradeHub offers an interactive way for upgrading older Prestashop version (1.6 and older). It make it easy to see and correct errors.



what users and customers say about Prestools:

Maldon Jewellery16-apr-2020
Just wanted to say, once again, thankyou. I was messing around the other day with groups and thought I would create one while trying to do discounts etc. When I logged in to my shop as a customer, I realised it showed no products. I started investigating and found that I needed to set all the categories to accept the new group. I did a little search and all sorts of scripts and sql as they is no natural way to assign all categories to groups. I didn't want to edit 300 + categories manually, or play with sql. Then it dawned on me that Prestools MIGHT handle this, so I did a little delving and it it does. Around 30 seconds later 300 categories had the new group added. Just now I discovered that I needed to stop visibility on around 30 products. Bish bash bosh, done in 10 seconds. It's the best money I have ever spent in relation to Prestashop.!!
Just commenting to say that this is by far one of the most useful pieces of software I have stumbled upon! Thanks to the creator!
Thank you once more for a fabulous tool.
Thanks a lot for this module, u save me some hours, doing the same task, over and over again.
This is fantastic tool for PS! Thanks for help
love this module, has saved me hours of set up time on items
Every nice, your tool is really helpful and powerful.
Just upgraded to the latest version. It solves all the issue and that ProdCombi is going to be a life saver! Awesome works, mate! Thanks!
Prestools is absolutely fantastic.
Thank You! It's amazing! I had to spend 100+ hours working hard with CSV export, then edit and import. Every mass change was like a torture - until now!Every nice, your tool is really helpful and powerful.
I want to THANK YOU wholeheartedly. I've had issues with combinations from day 1 with this software and my business has not been able to afford the $100's in modules recommended to deal with these issues. My products can have up to 10,000 combinations.
I installed your script a short while ago after my second website (built on 1.7.3) completely blocked access to a product that I had spent a lot of time writing up and customizing. Previously on presta 1.6 I would not lose access to the product, it just would not fully load so I would be able to change and remove combinations. In 1.7, once I get too many combinations, now I just get a 500 error which was very upsetting. I didn't want to have to delete and recreate it with less combinations. Installing presstools worked like a charm. I was able to finish the customizations and quantities on the combinations and activate the product for sale. Loading time on the product seems fine as well. After looking at your user guide and the depth of the script you have obviously put a lot of time into this (obviously since 2012 was the first post in this thread). I will be installing this on my first presta site as well and I will finally be able to make the products the way I had planned to originally.
Personally, it means A LOT to me. For how long this has been around and how much research I have put into dealing with the combination issue I can't believe I hadn't found this yet.
Every nice, your tool is really helpful and powerful.
Just typing here to once again tell You how this suite is awesome.
I'll never say it enough, this suite is incredible !
Again Thank you for such a great great tool.