Prestools Super Package

This package contains all the plugins (Carriers, Combi Copy and Delete, Customizations, Discounts, Features, Images, Image Cleanup, Multishop, Suppliers, Tags and Virtual Products) for Prestools Suite, the free tool suite for mass editing and more for Prestashop and Thirty Bees.

160,00 € Tax excluded

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Prestools is an extensive package of tools to maintain your Prestashop or Thirty Bees installation, as can be seen from the available menu options:

The most popular part is Product-edit. It allows you to mass edit almost all fields of products. Editing fields goes in a few steps:

 - first you select the records and fields you want to display and click on Search.

 - Next you click on the Edit radio-button to make the field editable (see image below).

You can now write in the field and submit it with either the Submit All button or the hook at the end of the line. Standard you edit in bare HTML, but if you click the TinyMCE link below the text field you will get the same TinyMCE interface that you also use in Prestashop.

Note also the "-H+" and "-W+" in the field where first were the radio buttons. They allow you to make the fields higher and wider.

 - But the real fun is of course mass editing. It allows you to set or change all editable fields at once.

With Prestools you can easily update a few hundred records at once (provided that the max_input_vars in your php.ini is set high enough). It is very fast. 

Most of Prestools is free and can be downloaded on the Prestashop forum. The Super Package contains software for all the paid functions.

When you order the Super Package you will get a full discount for previous purchases of individual plugins. You will see the discount on the moment you drop the Super Package in your cart. So if you had previously bought a plugin of 25 euro you will see the Super Package for 70 euro in your cart. This works only when you are logged in.

See the descriptions of the individual plugins for more details.

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