Prestools Combinations Copy and Delete Plugin

Copy or delete your Prestashop or Thirty Bees product combinations quickly with this mass edit software. This is a plugin for Prestools Suite, the free tool suite for mass editing and more for Prestashop and Thirty Bees.

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This is a plugin for Prestools Suite, the free mass editing script for Prestashop 1.5 and higher and Thirty Bees. You can try the copying and deletion of combinations in the free version - but only wit one product at a time. After installing this product you will be able to copy and delete the combinations of as many products as you want in Prestools Suite.

Combination Copy

Copying combinations has its own entry in the Prestools menu. After you fill in the source product id you will see the following:

As you see the source product (id=118) has the name "snoepblik rijbewijs" and it has 4 combination that we can copy to other products. If instead of "all 4 combinations" we selected the radio button "a selection" we would be able to check which of those 4 we want to be copied.

It is not recommended as it can make your shop very slow, but some webshops have hundreds or thousands of combinations for a product. Just a computer with ten types of mouses, ten screens, ten harddisk types and ten memory options would make 10,000 possible combinations. That is hard to manage in the backoffice. To make it easier we have the option to make a subselection with "startrec" and "number of recs". We can also apply a filter. For this product - that has only one attribute - this doesn't make sense. But in the example of the computer we might select one type of harddisk here and so reduce our number of options to 1000.

Target type can be "products" or all products of a category or a manufacturer. In the next field you enter the product, category or manufacturer id(s). Note that in the free version you can only copy to a single product id. When you have entered your choice(s) you need to press "Check Target". It will check the validity of the id's and publish their names in the log space (and it is also a barrier against accidental copying). Only then can you press "Copy Combinations Now".

When a product already has a combination that will be left alone - unless you have selected one of the fields at the bottom that you want to be updated.

Normally when you copy the quantity and the reference fields of the new combinations will be left zero resp. empty. You can choose here to give them a specific value.

Below the buttons and fields there is the log space. It will report both the names of the targets and the progress of the copying. At the right at the bottom there is a "clear log" button with which you can clean it.

Combination Delete

Copying delete has its own entry in the Prestools menu. It looks so:

The most simple is with method "All combinations". In that case you select a target type and id(s) like with combination copy. Here too you check the targets before can press the action button "Delete Combinations Now".

Sometimes, however, you will want to delete only a part of the combinations of a product. In that case you select "Select combinations of a product". If you do that you are asked for a product id. When you fill that in you get the following screen - that has a lot in common with what you saw with Combination Copy:

You see the same Startrec and Number of recs and the same filter as in Combination Copy. One difference is that the Combinations field where you can select individual combinations has been expanded. 

The template product that you enter here doesn't need to be the same as the target product. And you can have as many target products as you want. 

Default combinations

Every product with combinations has a default combination. Deleting combinations may remove that one. In that case another combination will be made the default. 

Something similar applies to the copying of combinations. There too checks are done so that the product ends up with one default combination (and not two or zero).