Prestools Images Plugin

Edit your Prestashop or Thirty Bees product images quickly with this mass edit software

This is a plugin for Prestools Suite, the free tool suite for mass editing and more for Prestashop and Thirty Bees.

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This is a plugin for Prestools Suite, the free mass editing script for Prestashop 1.5 and higher and Thirty Bees. You can try out images editing in the free version - where only saving has been disabled.

When you select the third option for editing images you will see something like the following:

The “x” in the top corner of each image allows you to delete it. Deleted images will be greyed. You can undo the deletion by clicking the "x" a second time. With the “v” at the bottom right you can select which image is the cover. Changing the order of the images is done by selecting an image and dragging it to its new position. Adding images can be done in two ways: you can click the Add button and select the image file or you can use drag-and-drop.

Below the images is space for the image legend - a text belonging to the image. By default Prestools will behave like Prestashop: the first image that is added gets the product name and the next images get no legend. The initial space for the legend is small, but you can enlarge all those boxes with the "+H+"/"+W+" buttons and each individually by drawing its right bottom corner. There are some mass edit options available for the legend. 

Just like in the rest of Prestools nothing is implemented in the database until you press the Submit All or the line submit button. Before you submit the images are stored in the Temp directory below your Prestools directory. If you leave your Prestools edit page without either submitting or deleting them they will stay there forever. So it is advised to occasionally cleanup this directory.

Prestools Image edit does not generate derived image formats like 123-small_default.jpg. Image generation is prone to timeouts so it had to be turned into a separate process in order to make sure that the other processes run smoothly. So you will need to run Image Regeneration in Prestools next. If you had selected Submit all you will be automatically forwarded to the Image Regeneration page with id's of the added images already filled in. If you had selected Verbose there will be a link towards this Image Regeneration page.

If had done a row submit you have two options. One is to click the "IR" link in the rowsubmit frame. It will lead you to the Image Regenerate page with this image preselected. That looks like this:

The alternative is to just remember how many images you have added. On the Image Regenerate page you will find the highest image id at the moment. So if for example the highest id is 1010 and you have added 5 images then you should regenerate image id's 1006-1010. 

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