Prestools Carriers Plugin

Edit your Prestashop or Thirty Bees product carriers quickly with this mass edit software.

This is a plugin for Prestools Suite, the free tool suite for mass editing and more for Prestashop and Thirty Bees.

Most shops won't need this plugin. See the full description below.

40,00 € Tax excluded

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This is a plugin for Prestools Suite, the free mass editing script for Prestashop 1.5 and higher and Thirty Bees. You can try out mass carrier editing in the free version - where only saving has been disabled. After installing this product you will be able to save your changes to carriers in Prestools Suite.

By default all carriers are available in Prestashop/Thirty Bees for every product - in so far as there is no restriction on the country or the customer group. So you need only to add carriers for products that need a special carrier - for example because they are too big or need installation. 

If you have selected the carrier field in the search block you will get a result like below - where a product has three carriers:

If you make the carrier field editable in the Hide-Show-Edit area you get some like this:

As you will notice this is a very similar system as you have for the categories. On the right side you have the selected carriers for this product and on the left side the others that are available. By selecting a carrier and clicking on an arrow you can move it to the other side.

Mass Update offers you the opportunity to assign (or remove) a carrier to all the products on a page.

When you are finished you use either Submit All or the line submit to apply your changes.

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