Copy Shopdata

Rescue or Upgrade your Prestashop shop by copying its business data

Copy Shopdata copies the content (business data) of a shop from one installation of Prestashop or Thirty Bees to another (In the following I will only mention Prestashop but everything applies to Thirty Bees too). The products, orders, customers, etc of the new (usually freshly installed) shop will be completely replaced by those from the old shop while its configuration is maintained (a few configuration settings are optionally copied). Your customers can even keep their old passwords.

Prestashop updates regularly result in unstable situations. This instability is nearly always in the files or the configuration settings.In either case Copy_shopdata can be a solution as it leaves both behind. It is far superior to a csv export as that copies only a part of your data.

Copy_shopdata should be installed in the same directory as Prestools as it uses Prestools for authorization. It should be installed in the new shop, after which you fill in the database data of the old shop in copy_shopsdata's config file.

Copy_shopdata should be run between Prestashop installations of the same version. It is meant to repair installations. You should leave the upgrade process to Prestashop.

Nearly any shop can be repaired and/or updated this way. If you are afraid to do it yourself you can hire me to do it for you.

Using Copy_shopdata between installations with different versions is in general not recommended. It is better to rely on the upgrade process. However, as it is often done anyway Copy_shopdata contains some routines to fix the worst potential problems. You can also use it to move from Prestashop 1.7 to Thirty Bees or from Thirty Bees to a Prestashop version.

A common application is to use the software when you want to upgrade your shop to a new Prestashop version with a new theme. You start by using Copy_shopdata to transfer the data to a fresh Prestashop version of the same version. Then you upgrade it to the desired version. With that version you install the new theme and adapt it to your wishes. In the meantime the old shop keeps running. When you are ready you once again move data from the old shop to a fresh PS installation of the same version that you then upgrade, Then you use Copy_shopdata a second time to move it from there to your new shop. Keep in mind that when you change content while creating the new shop this should be done in both the old and the new shop as the final data move will overwrite everything in the new shop.

Documentation is in the pdf file that you find within the zip file. The software has a bit of a learning curve. But once you understand it the process is quick. 

Copy_shopdata is also present on the Prestashop forum. If you want to ask questions or share your experiences you are encouraged to do it there.